Apr 7, 2010

Rhythm Of Time

After a 5 month reprieve, we have once again been given the green light to start riding long on the weekends. Unfortunately all members of our normal riding crew had other obligations, or were simply out of commission this past Sunday (opening season of the Henshaw loop). This left just Ian and I to tackle the roads and thankfully the plan had called to ride at a moderate pace.

Rolling through the Orange groves that precede a nice little climb over to Ramona. Plenty of greenery this time of year, a few late season showers have helped to add some color to the otherwise normally brownish palette which covers the landscape.

Me following Green Lantern all day. Guess that makes me the Lanterne rouge !?!

Always a welcome sight, descending to the next feed zone. For as many times as I've ridden this route, I have never once indulged in the famed "Julian Pie Co." baked goods. This proverbial "carrot on a stick" is turning into a real tease I'm afraid.

Last worthwhile photo of the ride, started to bonk as we climbed out of Rincon, before I knew it Green Lantern was out of his saddle on the final speed bump and created a massive gap, my free ride was over.

Rolling back into Carlsbad it dawned on me that today was Easter, rode past an Elementary school that was hosting an egg hunt. This sparked a momentary flashback, being an adolescent and eating chocolate on Easter Sunday. I never would have imagined that 20 odd years later this holiday would amount to clicking off a 100+ mile bike ride in the back country of San Diego. Time and perception.