Jan 19, 2010

Deep Water

This past weekend capped off another 3 week training block. Most of the usual weekend riding crew rolled out bright and early Saturday morning, up and down the coast through Pendleton before doing a small loop back home. Food, shower, and off to a friends' birthday party - our boy Tim was celebrating the big 3-0 !! Yessir-e, we've got a new racer joining the 30-34AG and I'm happy to say he'll be making his 1/2 IM debut at Wildlower in just over 3 months. Ended up taking a rain check on the beer (save it for San Dieguito or WF), and snuck out of the party a bit early. Finished out the day with a decent run and thankfully my legs were still mobile at this point.

Sunday was my last long run for this block and all started out well. In hind sight I should have called it quits by 2 hours, but hey what's another 30 minutes? 30 minutes running turned into 20 minutes of slowly jogging, followed by 25 minutes of walking home in the cold and rainy dark evening. It seems like every year I'm plagued with sore (inflamed) Achilles or other random issues with my ankles during the early season training. Thankfully it's not too bad this time and luckily it comes at the start of a huge swimming volume week. Perfect timing if you ask me - the weather forecast for San Diego is showing a solid week of rain in store, and I'm welcoming it with open arms. Although, I fear that by the end of this week my arms may be singing a much different tune.


Jan 12, 2010

Ghost Town

It's never a good sign when the co-tenants of your office building slowly begin to dwindle in numbers. Last May we were moved into a shared office structure and settled into the 2nd floor penthouse, with plenty of windows and natural light it was a welcome upgrade from our old building. A few weeks before Christmas we were informed that the other business would be licensed out and all but a few employees were handed their walking papers. Ouch - Happy Holidays, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Fortunately our company has been performing relatively well, despite the down economy of 2009. Regardless, we're now the sole occupants of a building much too large for a company which directly employees all of 11 people. Last week saw the last of our days in the penthouse, somehow it was decided that moving our company to the groud level and subletting the 2nd floor was the way to go for 2010. Hopefully there won't be any haunts from the previous brand that lurked these hallowed cubicles !

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Jan 1, 2010

The One Thing

Blank canvases make me anxious, but I needed to post on the first day of the new decade. I'm quite certain that the world doesn't exactly need yet another blog about one persons' incredibly self indulgent pursuit of triathlon and the amazing juggling act of career, training, and trying to maintain some form of a social life. I'm hopeful that this could amount to something more, but that's an awfully tough promise to make at this time. Follow along or not...