Jul 8, 2010

This Must Be The Place

After a longer than expected absence from any significant time on the bike, my lower back has finally allowed a return to the normally scheduled training. Lake Placid has been scratched off the race calendar for this year, so I've turned my attention to a few other later season events to compensate.

I left the Bay area in early 2008 and haven't had many opportunities to return since. This past holiday weekend turned into the perfect excuse to revisit some of my favorite training grounds near south San Jose. It was impossible to fit in all the miles of bike climbs and trail running, but I simply see that as a challenge (an invitation) to plan more frequent "train-cations" as they're fondly referred to.

Friday's ride - Los Gatos to Hwy 9 / down to Big Basin State Park and over to Boulder Creek / Bear Creek Rd to Skyline and back down Hwy 9

Sunday run through the Quicksilver Park - had to follow my favorite route over the New Almaden trail.
Starting off with the nice uphill climb on the fire road.
Quickly changing to single track for the remainder of the run.
Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop to look around once in awhile - you could miss it.
My sad little camera doesn't do this scene any justice. Highly recommend that you just go experience it for yourself.

Happy trails -